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What our clients say

"Fifo Capital easily met my short deadline and delivered exactly what he promised at a time when the growth of my business required our debtor funds to survive. Fifo Capital's support allowed our business to grow at a rate that would not have been possible without this funding facility."

− Packaging Company

"Fifo Capital are co-operative and nothing is too difficult - I have a very good working relationship with them. They're excellent at what they do, open to ideas, easy to contact and quick to reply."

− Professional Services Company

"Fifo Capital being able to do one or two invoices only is a massive advantage for businesses looking for flexibility. "

− Importation Company

"Fifo Capital were an integral part of getting our business growth happening. Using them to provide cashflow whilst waiting for government funds to flow into the business meant we could expand at three times the rate; this growth then led to the business being able to gain other contracts due our size. They were extremely flexible about payment timings and on call whenever needed. Their ability to alter the level of advancements against invoices meant we only had to pay for the part we needed advancing. There is no way a bank would be that flexible or reasonable in their costs. I would highly recommend their services to any developing business."

− Energy Company