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How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

What level can you fund to?

We can purchase invoices (one or multiples) for amounts totalling between €5,000 and €500,000 including VAT.

What levels of funding will we receive?

Typically, we fund up to 80% of the invoice value (including VAT) upfront paid into your bank account, and the balance less our fees on payment by your customer.

How long will it take before we receive the funds?

For a new client, our credit approval can take as little as 24 hours from registration. After this, approved funds may be receive within 4 hours. Please refer to our full terms and conditions for funding transfer timing.

How much will it cost?

We offer a significant cost advantage – and transparency – by not charging registration, documentation, upfront or transactional fees. Each customer – you – negotiates a percentage rate on funding based on their business needs.

Typically this is on a sliding scale starting from 5 per cent and increasing depending on the period of time the funds are required.

Do you run credit checks?

On occasion we may need to run a credit check when approving your registration. However, we will always notify you first before running the check.

How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

Will my business qualify for Fifo Capital finance?

If your business is a privately incorporated limited company, and you sell products or services to other Ireland and UK businesses on credit terms, eg, payment in 30-60 days, then YES, you can use our services.

How I’ve helped and thoughts from the desk

What if our business has already borrowed from a bank?

Yes. Fifo Capital works alongside many banks – with most of the major banks referring customers to us to provide assistance when they’re unable to extend their current lending facilities.

If we use your services, will our customers think differently of us?

No. If you are new to alternative business finance you may not be aware of the already large and growing number of businesses using this type of finance as part of their usual business trading. It is simply an additional, highly flexible finance option that many businesses now incorporate in their business model.

What if my customer goes ‘under’?

Where payment has not occurred due to your customer (the debtor) becoming insolvent, our unique debtor insurance option can protect you in this instance. Give us a call to find out more.

How do you assess new customers?

We adherence to strict privacy principles and are open about our assessment program. Our assessment process is quick and efficient, and includes checks for credit record, fraud, lodged security registrations, sales terms and conditions, and more. Invoices offered to us need to be issued directly to a business customer rather than to consumers.