The Fifo Capital franchise model represents a remarkable opportunity for our business partners and investors, as well as our clients. Since launching in 2005, we have funded nearly a billion dollars in business finance for our SME clients, and developed an authoritative reputation as finance experts. As we did, we’ve built a network of over 60 franchisee and investor partners who have both benefitted from, and been instrumental in facilitating, our success.

Invoice Finance, NZ

At Fifo Capital, we see our franchisees as business partners. To us, that means basing our relationships on mutual respect and professional cooperation. This gives our partners the flexibility they need to realise their own unique vision for their franchise, while also benefitting from their franchisor’s experience and expertise. We make it our mission to give our franchise partners the tools they need to succeed, and to ultimately guide them to business success.

How Fifo Capital does business

With almost a billion dollars in financing issued to businesses in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Ireland, Fifo Capital has clearly demonstrated the value of its business model. That success is grounded in how we work with our franchise partners, and our customers.

Long term client relationships with a consultative approach

Instead of less involved short-term business arrangements, Fifo Capital is about creating strong, mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with clients. That means getting to know clients and their businesses, and working in a consultative capacity to help ensure their success over time. This high-touch approach allows us to understand our customers’ businesses in a way that allows us to help them while also keeping our own investments secure.

Guiding partners in building their franchise

Building a business from scratch is not easy, and like in any other business, our business partners start out with no clients. While the head office offers digital marketing support, networking with finance companies, brokers, banks, accountants, and businesses is a crucial part of building the professional relationships your franchise needs to succeed in the long term. We strongly encourage business partners to exhibit strong leadership skills, and to take an active and driven role in their professional relationships. In doing so, franchise partners grow into strong, independent organisations with a real sense of agency.

Fifo Capital’s support network

Our business partners come from a variety of business backgrounds and include seasoned entrepreneurs, bankers, accountants, lawyers, salespeople, and brokers of every stripe. All of these bring very useful, but different, strengths to their franchises, and nobody comes in the door with all the skills and expertise they could possibly want. As with everything else, we take a hands-on approach in our partners’ professional development.


New partners take advantage of our in-house training program, which covers a broad range of relevant skills and knowledge. To start, we’ll walk you through the history of our business, the industry, and the business environment in which we operate. This is followed by training with our unique CRM system, guidance in regard to administrative and management tasks, and specific training on how to market your franchise and build gainful relationships with customers. Beyond that, you’ll work with our Franchise Support Manager directly to build hands on experience in working with new clients and referral partners.

Ongoing support

After initial training, our partners aren’t simply left to fend for themselves. A network of franchises needs to function as a network in more than just name in order to prosper. That means being able to ask for support at any time, and for any reason. Our open-door policy is meant to keep lines of communication open, while regular meetings, webinars, and conferences are designed to keep building our partners’ professional skills while strengthening relationships within Fifo Capital’s franchise network.

Financing Client Loans

Finding the capital to finance client loans can seem like a challenge, but, again, you aren’t forced to rely on just your own capital, or yourself. Business partners are also free to borrow from each other, or the head office, at a favourable rate that allows them to grow their overall return. By working to support each other, we can maximise the success of both our franchise partners, and our client businesses.

Keeping your investment safe

Purchasing a franchise is a big commitment in any industry, but when the act of doing business also means investing more personal capital, partners can often feel somewhat apprehensive. With Fifo Capital, however, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe. We have a sound credit assessment process with a proven track record, and we always use credit insurance to provide an extra layer of protection that covers any losses if a customer were to default on their payments.

We are committed to the collective success of our network of business partners, our investors, and our clients. If you’re looking for an opportunity in a stimulating and growing market that serves the business community in a meaningful way, look no further than Fifo Capital. We would love to hear from you.