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About Fifo Capital Ireland

Fifo Capital saw an opportunity in the New Zealand business finance market back in 2005. Understanding what businesses need to succeed when it came to funding allowed Fifo Capital to quickly establish itself as a leading alternative financier thanks to a revolutonary selective invoice finance. Opening its doors in Australia in late 2007, FIfo Capital was able to assist businesses nationally with a personalised service model which businesses were calling out for.


Since then, Fifo Capital has entered the UK and Republic of Ireland markets, and have assisted over 3,000 businesses with its unique and revolutionary working capital facilities. With the introduction of Supply Chain and Trade Finance in 2017, Fifo Capital’s integrated finance facilities are changing the way customers and suppliers interact and access capital.

Our tailored financial solutions

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Invoice finance

Invoice finance, invoice discounting or invoice factoring is a fast, flexible line of credit solution.

Trade Finance

Extend your local and overseas supplier payments whilst paying them on time.

Business loans

Short term business loans for working capital, equipment purchases, creditors, wages or one-off unexpected expenses.

Most Popular

Supply Chain finance

Pay suppliers early and improve your bottom line by taking advantage of supplier discounts.

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Fifo Capital lets you take control of your cash flow and working capital.

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Why Fifo Capital Ireland?

  • Tailored financial solution to suit your business needs
  • Approvals in as little as 72 hours
  • International team in 4 countries – Ireland, UK, Australia & New Zealand
  • Easier and faster business finance

An international team

After beginning his career in purchasing, Declan went into business for himself developing 2 outlets in 2 different retail fields in the England and Ireland and taking them to a point where he could successfully sell them on. The final sale was prompted by his research into Fifo Capital and his decision that it offered the opportunities for growth and flexibility that he required to make use of his skills and experience from 15 years of managing all facets of business trade, from finances to staff management. Declan has also over 10 years of sales experience. These changes coincided with his recent marriage to Agnes who is both his life partner and partner in the business. Agnes brings a background in accounts and administration in a number of companies following on from her degree in Banking and Finance.

Wayne Morris, the CEO of Fifo Capital, is a highly accomplished finance leader and a prominent authority in the field of supply chain finance. Known for his innovative approach to finance, Wayne is deeply committed to empowering businesses by offering tailored solutions that align with their growth strategies. He is a strong advocate for sustainable finance models that leverage working capital and lines of credit, steering away from reliance on long-term debt cycles. Wayne actively promotes more flexible and suitable finance options that enable businesses to invest in their own expansion while prioritising social responsibility. Through his unwavering dedication, Wayne is actively shaping a more inclusive and sustainable business landscape where companies can thrive and contribute to a better world. Under his leadership, Fifo Capital has experienced remarkable growth and solidified its reputation as a leader within the alternative finance industry. Wayne’s vision for Fifo Capital involves continually enhancing internal operations in each country and exploring opportunities for expansion into new markets.

Declan Devlin - Head of Fifo Capital Ireland & UK

Wayne Morris - CEO of Fifo Capital (Australia)