Five Steps to Invoice Finance


  1. Invoice Finance is a great way to get paid for outstanding invoices owed to you from your clients. It is a popular cash flow finance method to help you continue to grow your business and reduce the financial stress on the business. The invoice finance process is simple with Fifo Capital Ireland. Once approved, the funds will be in your account within 48 hours from application submission.
Here are the 5 steps on how to get Invoice Finance: 


Step 1: Collect all outstanding invoices – Invoice finance covers all invoices owed to that are current to 60 days. It is best to identify those invoices and clients that you want to get paid for immediately

Step 2: Contact Our FIFO Capital Consultant – one of our consultants will review all invoices and validate prior to application.

Step 3: Application – Here an application for invoice finance is created and sent to you for review and approval. Along with this process, the terms and conditions are communicated.

Step 4: Submission – Every application that is submitted goes through a review process.

Step 5: Decision & Approval –  Invoice Finance has no credit checks, so decisions on finance can be provided quickly. If approved, the amount is deposited within 48 hours from the time of application.

There are no credit checks so the invoice finance process is quick and easy. For more information, contact one of our Invoice Finance Consultants.

Now is the time to speak with a Financial Specialist and discuss your current and future financial plans for your business. At Fifo Capital, our experts can help you deal with inflation. Contact FIFO Capital Ireland today.